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Schools in USA


When we call on readers of The Monitor to present ideas about what is a good school, and point out concrete experiences which would prove productive practices, we did it with the will to put discussion two issues.

The first is whether, in fact, we can define today what it is a good school among those who do school today. We were looking debate with widespread criticism that says schools today, collectively , are institutions that do not work or work poorly (vision that is partly fueled by some media discourse). We are interested, as noted in the heading of this article, to talk about what “works”, to highlight what we believe produces good results, put the magnifying glass on the school daily to overcome the feeling of ” end “felt by many teachers. If you want to find schools in USA¬†then check this search schools¬†website, which is really great. (more…)

Why Education is Important for Children


1. My child is having difficulty in school. Why?

When children have problems or difficulties in their studies, it is very important to find out why.

It may be that a disability is affecting your child’s educational performance. If so, your child may be eligible for help through special education and related services. To learn more about special education read. This publication will explain how you and the school can work together to help your child.

As a first step, before referring your child for an evaluation for special education, the school probably will have to prove sufficient interventions and modify teaching practices in the regular education classroom.