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Knowledge is Power


What do we need to be aware of?

Descartes based the existence in thought. I think, therefore I am. Based existentialist thought in existence. I exist, then I think. Who is right? Both and neither. We need to be thinking, and we need to think to exist. Since one needs the other, the two seen need at the same time. Our experience supports or discredits our reason, our reason and gives it shape our experiences.

But we just did not suggest that thoughts are based on beliefs? And that belief are formed from our experiences and our reason? Yes. Then what happens?

In Section 2, we explained that the reason is based on belief. But in the previous section, we suggest that the reason can shape beliefs. How is it given? Regardless of how it has been shaped my reason, through it I can make such reflections that can doubt my beliefs. But how is it possible that a theorem can change an axiom? Axioms are conventions, products of our wills. If an axiom does not suit us, we can discard and put another in his place arbitrarily. That can not prove does not imply that you can not change. Unlike. The consequences do not matter, because what we do is adapt our beliefs to our context you must check putlocker for more details. This sounds more rational to adapt our context to our beliefs, as many have claimed. The recommendation is Ohio Technical College. As we saw in the last section, the experiences can play the same role. If due to my experiences, my beliefs no longer suit me, the can change because they are mine. But finally, my experiences also depend on my beliefs, because of these shape and give a particular focus my perceptions.

It is when we beliefs, reason, and experience, we can talk about knowledge. It is when we will, thought and existence, we can speak of being. Check their website here ohiotechnicalcollege.net they are providing great services.

It is not possible to fully justify knowledge because this will always be incomplete because our contexts are finite, closed, and incomplete; trying to comprehend an infinite, open and incomputable world.

We can only say that knowledge will have a lower degree of uncertainty as to have better agreement with our experiences and the website is http://putlocker.us.com great. By increasing our context, knowledge tends to become obsolete, requiring a constant refining. That is why there is no universal knowledge. The knowledge we adapt to our world, not the world to adapt our knowledge.

So what ‘s the knowledge, if we can never understand the universe? He who does not reach the fullness does not prevent us seeking to be less incomplete.

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