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Why Dog Training?


You must keep in mind that whatever you teach your puppy will become something normal for him when he grows up . So when you play with him , I imagine it higher and judges if you like what you do or not. If he starts growling, or tries to bite the hand holding the toy, or harasses a young child during play, to dry and walk away with the toy.Soon you learn why the fun is over and will not repeat the action that has made the game is over.
If you are concerned about the behavior of your puppy, or would like more information about available books, courses or training classes, see your veterinarian.

A crucial aspect of socialization is that it can meet other dogs and, above all, other puppies. But it is very important to know on good authority that the other dogs are well socialized; a bad experience at his age can traumatize for life a puppy.

Being with adult dogs, your puppy will learn to respect their elders, such as being ‘reprimanded‘ by an older dog when little was out of line.

But be careful not feel harassed by a larger dog who wants to play. You must not let the puppy panic in these cases you must be prepared to crouch beside him and make him feel that you are there to protect him.

It is also advisable to meet other ‘four-legged friends’ as cats, horses and even farm animals. Such contacts will bring great benefits in the future when your puppy becomes an adult, confident and friendly dog.

The basic training of your dog, correcting forms of unwanted behavior and conduct, as well as training your dog to develop new skills, form the basis of a valuable connection between master and dog. If you want to take advantage and make the most of your dog, we recommend using the techniques that my team of specialists training and dog behavior and I will teach you. We invite you to the test. It will be delighted!

Training your dog starts by you.

For optimal results, you need to participate in training your dog. This not only will serve to further the development of his best friend, but to strengthen the bond that unites. Do you know that an exercise should be repeated 1000 times until your dog assimilates it completely?

For your benefit if some will charge a dog trainer to train your dog if you do not know the techniques to keep practicing and consolidate learning.

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